Efficient Kitchen Configurations

There are six (6) basic kitchen layouts which evolved from the traditional work triangle to more practical work-zone configurations. The traditional work triangle concept is used to determine efficient kitchen layout based on the primary tasks carried out in the kitchen which center around the cook top, the sink and the refrigerator. These are the […]

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Medium Density Fibreboard

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), popularly called MDF Board is made from fine wood dust glued together with resin and then compressed under heat. MDF boards come in wide range of color finishing and sizes. Products made with MFD are widely affordable.   MDF boards are mainly used in cabinetry work such are cupboards, kitchen cabinets […]

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The Big Idea

big idea

What’s the Big Idea? The Idea behind xynkrafts (design crafts) company limited is to create products that are simple and straight forward, functional and practical but most of all Affordable. When we create,  we always begin with the functional need of the product and the best price that will make it available for many. We […]

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